Rebuild Program 



Why is Pharmaworks the leader in blister machine rebuilding?

Before the trend to rebuild machines became widely accepted, Pharmaworks was setting the standard for other OEMs to follow.

A rebuild by Pharmaworks is not only a reliable and affordable alternative to a new machine; it also surpasses the original machine's performance standards.

Uhlmann UPS4MT
Rebuilt by Pharmaworks 

Pharmaworks has rebuilt or upgraded all of the following thermoformer models:

A rebuilt blister packaging machine that is upgraded to modern standards has the following benefits:

  • Existing tooling reused or shared
  • Cost effective alternative to purchasing from overseas OEMs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reutilized existing spare parts investment
  • Minimized training and support costs


Uhlmann UPS4 M/ET
Rebuilt by Pharmaworks

Many customers have existing machines that can be rebuilt at our factory and put back into production.  For customers who cannot have an existing machine out of service, Pharmaworks holds an inventory of machines ready to be tailored to your exact needs.  You may also take advantage of our machine exchange program, allowing your machine to be replicated and swapped out, effectively minimizing down time.

Short of a complete rebuild, Pharmaworks engineers and technicians can perform upgrades to your machines at your location.

Why else is Pharmaworks the leader?

Since we pioneered rebuilding, our staff is among the most experienced in the business.  Just as important, we're passionate about providing our pharmaceutical customers with superior blister packaging equipment.  We believe in uncompromising quality. 

CP10 Rebuild

CP10 Rebuilt
by Pharmaworks

Here are some other benefits of a Pharmaworks rebuild you may want to consider:

  • US service and support
  • Inventory of machines
  • New controls system (PLC, HMI)
  • Servo indexing replacing mechanical indexers
  • Full one year warranty
  • Seal pressure monitoring
  • Heater plate upgrades
  • High speed reject systems
  • Positive reject verification
  • Servo main drives
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